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for exploration of critical raw materials

Smart Exploration Research Center conducts multidisciplinary research on strategic and critical metals and minerals, adressing issues concerning the energy transition and climate action.

Funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) from 2024 to 2029, and led by Uppsala University, the Center aims to undertake fundamental and innovative research with significant national and international implications. Its primary goal is to ensure a responsible, socially acceptable, resilient, and sustainable supply of critical raw materials (CRMs).

It comprises a consortium of key academic and industrial partners in Sweden, bringing together expertise from four universities, two mining companies, and four technology and solution providers. The members possess diverse skills among which, economic and structural geology, geophysics, technology, nanotechnology, robotic solutions, data analytics, drilling technologies, safety and ethics, environmental and social governance (ESG), and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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The Centre focuses on bridging knowledge gaps by developing new technologies and scientific methods for innovative CRM exploration. It aims to provide Sweden with cutting-edge exploration solutions while establishing itself as a global hub for high-quality scientific research, attracting both mining companies and young professionals. Additionally, the Centre plans to facilitate further research and development activities through thematic proposals with its partners and supporting companies.

To expand its operations and initiatives, the Centre intends to generate additional R&D and scoping works via its partners and support companies though thematic proposals. Additional funds will be generated through royalty fees and common projects of interests, across different geological domains inside Sweden and in the Nordic regions.

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