Steering board

The Steering Board is in charge of the operational work. Their duties include:

  1. Re-defining the work if necessary
  2. Preparing technical roadmaps
  3. Coordinating all technical activities and ensuring that deviations and unexpected difficulties are resolved,
  4. Managing the interaction among different hubs, making sure that intermediate achievements and results smoothly flow across work packages and Hubs,
  5. Supervising the dissemination activities,
  6. Monitoring the Gantt chart and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
  7. Proposing measures to cope with defaulting partners,
  8. Making proposals to the General Assembly (GA) for the review and/or amendment of the terms of the centre agreement, and
  9. Agreeing on procedures for the management of knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP) strategy, in accordance with the national rules (with the support of the Innovation Manager).

Members of the Steering Board are:
Mats Svensson (chair, Tyréns AB)
Alireza Malehmir (Uppsala University)
Ronne Hamerslag (Nordic Iron Ore AB)
Roberto Garcia-Martinez (Eurobattery Minerals AB)
Anders Sivard (BitSimNow AB)
Anders Persson (Epiroc AB)
Iain Pitcairn (Stockholm University)
Tina Martin (Lund University)
Thomas Zack (Gothenburg University).