About us

The Smart Exploration Research Centre, based at Uppsala University and supported by three other universities (Gothenburg University, Lund University and Stockholm University), three mining companies (Nordic Iron Ore AB, Inmet Mining Sweden AB, Eurobattery Minerals AB) four technology and solution providers (Amkvo AB, BitSimNow AB, Epiroc AB and Tyréns AB), and one municipality-related entity (AB Samarkand2015) adresses knowledge gaps by developing new science and technologies for innovative exploration of CRMs. It serves Sweden with new exploration solutions to become a global centre; providing high-quality science and research, attracting mining companies, and young professionals.

The combined knowledge covers economic and structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, tech, nanotech, and robotic solutions, data analytics, drilling technologies, safety and ethics, ESG and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Exploration permits cover either directly or as associated commodities REE, V, Mo, Sn, Li, P, Ni, Co, and Cu. In addition, the centre will focus on various endowed regions (green fields) containing graphite, pegmatitic Li, Ni, as well as carbonatites and black shales hosting REE, V and phosphate rocks. The centre will allow additional R&D and scoping work through its partners and support companies using thematic proposals. Additional funds are anticipated via royalty fees and projects based on common interests, across different geological domains inside Sweden and in the Nordic regions.