Regions (A-D) are initial targets for science, technology and EGS projects. Also included are proven and potential commodities.

Region A targets iron-oxide apetite (IOA) exploration targets, with exploration sites of Nordic Iron Ore (Blötberget) and EurBatMin (xx)

Region B targets carbonatites (green field exploration?)
Region C targets Ni-rich magmatic (exploration site of EurBatMin?) and Li-rich  pegmatites (green field exploration)

Region D, The Caledonian fron (clack shales) green field?

Exploration sites from Nordic Iron Ore and EurBatMin will be used for both validating technology solutions, but also for improved understanding of ore genesis, mineralization indicators and investigating if potentially new targets can be generated.

Exploration permits from Nordic Iron Ore and EurBatMin cover either directly or as associated commodities REE, V, Mo, Sn, Li, P, Ni, Co, and Cu. In addition, the centre will also focus on various endowed regions (green fields) containing graphite, pegmatitic Li, Ni, as well as carbonatites and black shales hosting REE, V and phosphate rocks.

All the exploration sites have a potential to verify new exploration solutions and also yield new targets and resources. If judged reliable targets, our partner mining companies have also agreed to place boreholes (1-2) for verifications

Figure 1: Commodities and regions targeted (A to D in the inset figure) in the centre, compared with the EU CRMs 2020 list. Pink regions in the inset figure are identified as prospective. Lithospheric transects are shown as black and orange lines (BABEL, Fennolora, Uppland and FIRE).